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Facebook Ads Services in Dublin – The Handy & Versatile Approach To Reach Your Target Buyer

Today, one of the most active and powerful social media platforms globally is Facebook. As per statistics available, the total number of Facebook users in Ireland in 2016 was about 2.51 million. By 2022, the figure is expected to reach 2.92 million users. In 2017, it was reported that about 65% of the`Irish population had a Facebook account and about 69% of this figure accessed the Facebook on a daily basis which proves that this is one channel that needs to be targeted well by business houses in Ireland– small and big – to find a bigger audience online.
Since Facebook is one medium that stores data of its users related to their interests, location, demographics, likes and dislikes, education etc. it is one place where companies can easily find their target buyers. But it is easier said than done. Getting access to the right audience and the target buyer on Facebook is no easy job and requires specialized skills, knowledge and experience to optimally use the platform for best results. This is where Digital Agency, a Facebook Ads Agency in Dublin can help businesses grow their profits by using this medium successfully.

Why Facebook Ads service?

  1. Facebook Ads helps you advertise your brand to the right people – people who matter the most to your business – your target customers.
  2. By devising a dynamic Facebook Ads campaign and tweaking it regularly, brands are able to reach out to people who need their products and solutions, in other words get genuine leads.These leads have more chances of getting converted and hence more profits.
  3. A reliable Facebook Ads Agency in Dublin, like Digital Agency Partners creates and devises a campaigns that amount to authentic leads at lowest investments.

Different aspects of our Facebook Ads services

We are a distinguished digital marketing agency based in Ireland having helped a number of brands to create their distinct presence in the online medium. Our Facebook Ads services in Dublin include the following formats:
  1. Ads pertaining to Brand website – these ads typically lead the user to your online domain where he can access information related to new product launches, content etc.
  2. A Call-to-action ad where the user is encouraged to sign up for the newsletter or download a specific guide etc.
  3. Ads that are meant to boost page posts like a photo, a video, an important announcement, vlogs etc.
  4. Using Facebook Events ads to create campaigns pertaining to specific events like an exhibition that the company is participating in or a workshop it is organizing.
  5. Special offers and promotions for Facebook users that are meant to tempt people to visit the physical or online store of the business and make a purchase.
Connect on Facebook to interact with your potential customers in Ireland using our Facebook Ads services in Dublin!