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We're a Digital Ad Agency for Small & Medium Sized Companies.


Reach & Engage Target Audiences At Scale

We offer
Instant Rankings
Get Instant results and improved rankings across multiple search engine online
Measure and Improve 
With every campaign your conversions and cost per lead will improve thanks to data feedback 
Reach the right clients
Thanks to the right keywords you will reach the right clients faster and at lower cost 
Attract your best clients
You can attract your best clients before they go to your competitors

Start Building A Successful Online Presence That Converts Visitors Into Customers

You can relay on our advanced technology and expertise to expand your client reach and fast-forward the conversions
From your Website to full online presence suit
It is no secret, that having just a website, is no longer enough to successfully grow your client list, you must have a full suit of online tools at your disposal to not only get in front of your  prospects, but also convert them to life-long customers.

Target, Engage & Win Your Ideal Customers Across The Web

Cross-Platform Advertising powered by Smarketing Cloud's Ad Platform
Target and Attract
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
Engage Customers
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
Win More Sales
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?
PPC is a strategy that directs paid traffic to your website through an ad. SEO directs traffic from organic search results. In PPC, you pay for each click on your ad, while traffic is free on SEO. Your ad will also only appear on the results when the search is relevant to your business.
Why does my business need PPC?
PPC is the best strategy to utilize when you want to target the right customers at the right time, like a seasonal promotion. This is also ideal if you’re looking for immediate results and quick returns, as it takes longer to rank on organic search.
Can I target my competitor’s customers or keywords?
Yes! You can use the same keywords as your competitors. This is especially beneficial for new businesses because you want to increase your chances of being found by customers who are searching for products or services offered by the competition.
What is the strategy you use for PPC?
Our PPC packages cover keyword research, landing page analysis, reporting, and consultation from our experts.

We also provide two types of ad campaigns – AdWords and Remarketing on Google Display Network – to help you maximize your online presence.
Can I run a PPC campaign without SEO?
Definitely! PPC does not rely on Google search algorithms, unlike in SEO. Your rankings on paid ads depend on your ad spend, quality score, content relevancy, and several other factors.
How long will it take for my ads to appear on search results?
Your ads will undergo a review process by Google, which may take a day.

But some ads can run and appear in a matter of hours even while being reviewed.

Our clients are happy to share our results!

We’ve added over 32 new customer to our monthly call-ins within the first 3 months of starting with The Digital Agency. We get a 10X ROI with our spend!
Jason Donoghue
Owner / Manager
After our first 3 months of starting with The Digital Agency we saw a 77% increase in online sales. At the same time we had a 5% reduction in ad spend.
Adam Jones
Marketing Manager
We got over 60,000 email subscribers in our first 2 months of starting with The Digital Agency. That normally would have taken 1 year.
Alex Corkery
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Build an actionable PPC campaign with the best PPC Agency in Dublin, Ireland

Similar to conventional advertising that is used to create brand identify, pay-per-click marketing (alsocalled PPC advertising) is one the smartest ways to build your online business today. In order to build astrong and robust PPC campaign, it is necessary to hire the services of a reliable and premier PPCagency in Ireland – an experienced digital company like Digital Agency. The entire game in the virtualworld is centred about clicks and PPC services in Dublin is perhaps the best-known method ofgenerating those clicks or paying for relevant clicks instead of organically getting the desired clicks,which can take a considerable amount of time and patience.

How does PPC work?

  • PPC ads generally appear on the Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) based on intricatealgorithm and calculations that search engines like Google use to list appropriate ads.
  • list itThe entire process is controlled by automated processes that involve Ad auction or a biddingsystem where advertisers, in other words, you and your competition, bid for relevant keywordsagainst which the ads are displayed.
  • other words, you and your competition, bid for relevant keywordsagainst which the ads are displayed Everytime a potential user searches online using any of those keywords the search enginedisplays the relevant ads.
  • It involves investment as every time there is a click on your ad, you need to pay the searchengine.

How can a PPC Agency in Dublin help?

One of the fundamental ways to building an enviable brand presence online is to create PPC campaignsthat are measurable. Being able to measure the performance of the campaign makes it a strong andviable option compared to other methods of advertising in the virtual world. An experienced PPCAgency in Dublin like us creates and designs PPC campaigns that are high in performance – ourstrategies automatically generate more traffic to your site thereby increasing the chances ofconversions and sales. This is because we align our PPC services in Dublin perfectly with the choicestkeywords that are precise, specific and reasonably priced.
It is essential to carefully choose your digital marketer from amongst hundreds of online ad agencies inDublin. Digital Agency, an Irish Digital marketing agency and a specialized PPC agency in Ireland hasbeen working in this market for a reasonable amount of time now. The shortest and cost-effectiveroute to generate revenues and improve profits online is to use aggressive and competitive PPCcampaigns. With professional support and result-oriented campaigns from the best digital ad agency inDublin like us, your business in the digital world will start soaring high in no time.